Our Solutions

Renovo Life Sciences is passionate about creating Asset and Laboratory Management Solutions that are driven by innovation, transparency, sustainability, and a focus on unbiased results.

Healthcare Technology Management

Clinical Engineering

Ensuring the effective functional use of medical equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Clinical Asset Management

Maximize your clinical asset management strategy for success. Enhance operational efficiency and save significantly on your annual service spend, without sacrificing quality.


Proactively inventory and assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks in order to provide a safer patient care environment.

Technology Solutions

Our state-of-the-art HTM tools, such as RENOVOLive® and RENOVOSecure, revolutionize our equipment maintenance strategy by providing comprehensive visibility and insights.


On-demand clinical engineering staffing services tailored to seamlessly meet the needs of your health system, from on-boarding and repair through equipment replacement.


Improved equipment performance and utilization through our vendor neutral capital equipment planning and lifecycle management solutions.

Life Sciences Laboratory Asset Management

Lab Asset Management

Systematic tracking, organization, and maintenance of your lab equipment, instruments, and resources to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity. Accelerate the Speed of Science!

Lab Operations and Compliance

Increase your efficiency and productivity with our flexible and comprehensive range of products, programs, and services.

Technology and IT Services

Streamline IT operations and optimize data flow to enhance productivity and enable a laser focus on Quality and Speed of Science. Experience uninterrupted instrument uptime while eliminating data overload.

Lab Relocation Services

Optimize your transition by relying on our dedicated team of relocation specialists. With us, you can save resources, mitigate risks, and reduce downtime. Invest in a successful move now!

Sustainability Practices and Services

Enhancing your lab's sustainability with our services and practices to create a more efficient and eco-friendly lab setup, reducing waste and inefficiencies.