Healthcare Technology Management

Clinical Asset Management

Partnering for Improved Outcomes

Medical technology increases staff productivity and saves lives, but if it fails, healthcare productivity can be brought to a halt and patients are put at risk. As a single-source solution provider, we can simplify vendor management for all your medical equipment in which we assume responsibility for both delivering and managing service on all biomedical and diagnostic imaging equipment and help healthcare organizations continue to provide high-quality patient care and improve outcomes.

Our comprehensive clinical asset management service programs ensure our clients meet regulatory requirements and we implement a streamlined approach to maintaining the countless number of clinical devices found in healthcare facilities.

Reducing Costs Through Efficient Healthcare Asset Management

Managing medical equipment and services can be a major expense for any healthcare facility. At RENOVO, we specialize in helping hospitals strategically manage these assets to achieve cost savings and increase device availability. Let us help your facility optimize its clinical asset management and improve overall efficiency.

Comprehensive HTM Program

RENOVO’s HTM program delivers comprehensive medical equipment planning and service through dedicated staffing to ensure all your Biomed and imaging equipment is properly maintained and safe for patient care.


  • Biomedical & Imaging Service
  • Capital Equipment Planning
  • Asset Utilization/Optimization
    • Return on Investment
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Sustainability
  • Networked medical device cybersecurity
  • Accurate inventory management through the use of RENOVO’s CMMS, RENOVOLive® 

RenovoLive provides actionable data to assist in repairs, maintenance, cost, and lifecycle optimization

  • Medical Device Disposition
  • Equipment Relocation

Maximize Clinical Asset Management to Drive Savings and Boost Patient Care

By strategically managing your medical devices and the teams that support them, we can help improve ROI on your equipment. This approach can lead to significant cost savings and improved device availability, which ultimately benefits patient care.

Let us help you transform your clinical asset management strategy into a powerful tool for success with the following benefits:

  • Improve operational efficiencies while guaranteeing significant savings on your annual service spend.
  • National benchmarking insight with data-driven analytics to improve service optimization.

Unlock Flexibility in Clinical Asset Management

RENOVO HTM provides program flexibility to be able to scale services to meet any organization’s need, We will work with your existing Biomed program to facilitate a seamless solution.  We will also construct a custom solution that can be a hybrid model to a fully outsourced program.

We have the tools and processes to strategically develop a plan of action and deliver solutions that drive improved outcomes.

RENOVO Solutions prioritizes service model optimization to deliver:

  • Total operational and cost transparency
  • OEM-centric collaboration – We understand how important your equipment uptime is. RENOVO works with most major OEMs to ensure your critical equipment is properly maintained and serviced to ensure optimal uptime for patient care delivery.

Discover how RENOVO can optimize medical device availability and cut costs with our Clinical Asset Management solution.

Clinical Asset Management FAQs

Clinical asset management is an essential component of the healthcare industry. It involves the maintenance and management of the various technologies used in healthcare facilities. This includes anything from medical equipment to software systems. Effective clinical asset management ensures that these technologies are functioning optimally, in compliance with regulations, and are cost-effective for the facility. Healthcare technology managers play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of healthcare services. As healthcare systems continue to evolve and rely more heavily on technology, the importance of clinical technology management only continues to grow.

As healthcare technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, it has become increasingly challenging for organizations to efficiently manage and maintain their equipment. However, with a comprehensive healthcare technology management (HTM) program in place, your organization can effectively manage and maintain complex medical devices, reduce the risk of downtime and equipment failure, and optimize financial performance. A strong HTM program goes beyond simply fixing broken equipment—it ensures that your organization’s technology is safe, compliant with regulations, and aligned with the goals of your healthcare facility. By investing in a comprehensive HTM program, your organization is making a commitment to providing quality patient care and staying ahead in the ever-changing landscape of clinical asset management.

A clinical asset management program can significantly reduce the number of individual service contracts required for medical equipment maintenance. By centralizing equipment management, a comprehensive clinical asset management program can simplify and streamline the maintenance process, reducing the need for multiple, fragmented service contracts. Through careful monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and tracking of asset performance, a holistic approach to clinical asset management can help organizations optimize equipment utilization and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements. This provides a more cost-effective and efficient method of managing medical equipment, enabling healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients. In today’s complex healthcare landscape, clinical asset management has become an essential tool for managing the life cycle of medical equipment, ensuring it remains safe, reliable, and compliant.