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Laboratory Relocation Services and Planning

At RENOVO SOLUTIONS, we don’t just move your lab; we ensure it’s completely taken care of. From planning to execution, our comprehensive relocation services prioritize minimal downtime to drive lab efficiency.

Laboratory relocation is a complex and meticulous process, and one of the most important steps to ensure a smooth transition is proper planning. Taking the time to plot out all aspects of the move – mapping out what must be relocated, when materials will arrive, where they need to go, and ensuring resources are effectively allocated – helps minimize disruption and hiccups during the relocation process. 

Planning helps resource efficiency by allowing decision-makers to make choices that ultimately save costs while at the same time maximizing safety in lab operations when the team finally reaches its destination. Laboratory relocations can be successful if all stops along the way are planned carefully!

5 Phase Process for Lab Relocation Services

Phase 1 – Communication

  • Establish communication team
  • Determine business needs and processes
  • Create a scope of work 

 Phase 2 – Planning 

  • Build a comprehensive relocation plan
  • Consult on equipment move lists
  • Evaluate and assign de/reinstall responsibilities
  • Estimate cost of services for PM group

Phase 3 – Logistics 

  • Track new equipment and coordinate services
  • Solicit quotes from OEMs
  • Evaluate OEM quotes for scope
  • Submit POs and gather invoices

Phase 4 – Execution and Risk Management

  • Schedule with OEM field service engineers
  • Communicate important dates and actions to end users
  • Validation and calibration services
  • Vendor escorts
  • Engineer services
  • Relay important information and requests of end users to OEM field service engineers

Phase 5 – Post Move Quality Care

  • Document in RENOVO SolutionsLive
  • Ensure that all relocation line items have been completed to satisfaction

Lab Relocation Challenges​

Relocating a lab is complex and challenging for organizations of every size. RENOVO SOLUTIONS recognizes and understands the challenges that your lab faces in planning and executing relocation.   

The challenges of a lab relocation can be overwhelming and hidden.  By engaging with the RENOVO team we can help avoid and manage the challenges you will face including:

  • Eliminate/Minimize Damage to Instruments
  • Streamline Process to Minimize Downtime
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Create a Safe and Efficient Move
  • Provide Experience and Expertise 

We will provide you with the support your organization needs to ensure a successful move.

Reduce Downtime and Improve the Speed of Science

Our comprehensive process for laboratory relocation delivers:

  • Communications Management – Establishing a communication channel and a process to identify and determine procedures for decommissioning and recommissioning laboratory instrumentation.
  • Understanding Laboratory Operations – A thorough understanding of laboratory operations and needs by a formal “discovery” process, including interviews/questionnaires of key laboratory and administrative personnel.
  •  Comprehensive Relocation Plan – A comprehensive relocation plan that will ensure continuity of operations and minimize disruption of operations and mission. 
  • Budget Development and Management  – A budget developed accounting for all direct and indirect costs associated with the migration.               
  • Move Management and Execution – Overseeing and managing the de-installation, relocation and reinstallation of all equipment at the destination.

When it comes to lab relocations, having the right knowledge and experience is critical. Invest in a successful transition by entrusting your relocation needs with a dedicated specialist team – you’ll save resources, and minimize risk and downtime!

Laboratory Relocation and Planning FAQS

Lab relocations are difficult and filled with complications. It requires great care to account for both physical equipment and the protocols and processes necessary for safe and effective operations of the laboratory. Major tasks include packing up materials, disconnecting and connecting essential systems like plumbing and electrical infrastructure, ensuring safe transportation of temperature-sensitive items such as biological specimens, updating records, organizing the relocation of personnel, reassembling lab furniture pieces, reinstalling equipment with necessary modifications and validations, rearranging shelving to make better use of space while also allowing easy access to supplies, realigning hoods or fume hoods to comply with industrial safety regulations, making sure all software is functioning properly by timely updates and upgrades…it’s no wonder that lab relocations can be extremely stressful! Planning and communication ahead is key. Hiring a professional service that specializes in Lab Relocation will drastically cut down the potential road bumps you may face. It’s important to consider every aspect before carrying out a lab relocation; experienced professionals know how to foresee future issues and mitigate them before they arise.

Lab relocation is a complex process that requires thorough planning and preparation. One key factor to consider when relocating a lab is the types of equipment involved. From high-tech machines to specialty glassware, the right equipment is needed for each specific lab environment. Taking into account what equipment you will have available ensures any associated risks are minimized while you’re performing your experiments in the new space. Lab relocation can be challenging but with careful consideration of the type of equipment needed and all its associated specifics, you can ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Laboratory relocations can be a stressful and lengthy process if you’re not properly prepared. Before starting, it is imperative to plan meticulously and ensure there are no costly mistakes or oversights. Start by making copies of all documentation required for the relocation such as inventory lists, research files, equipment requirements, sample lists and contact details of all involved parties, etc. It is also essential to have detailed logistical plans for the transition of all instruments, equipment, records and other materials. Furthermore, it is worth considering taking advantage of outside resources such as specialist relocation companies. They specialize in this type of work and may reduce stress levels during the move by quickly expediting the process which can result in significant cost savings with their expert knowledge. Laboratory relocations don’t need to be complicated; get prepared with a well-thought-out plan and utilize outside resources when available so that you can make your laboratory relocation seamless and successful!