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Laboratory Sustainability Practices and Services

Achieving Sustainability in Science

Solutions for Laboratory Sustainability Practices and Services

Among industries, labs are recognized as one that consumes considerable resources. However, this situation can change to allow for a more sustainable lab setup reducing excess waste and inefficiencies. 

When you choose RENOVO Solutions, you’re choosing customized solutions to power your lab forward. Our team of experts is here to help make the most out of your resources so that they work harder and smarter for optimal productivity. With our flexible services tailored just for you, get ready to see results!

Lab Sustainability Services

RENOVO Solutions Life Sciences enables our partners with solutions to ensure the quality and speed of science. We are also committed to bringing awareness to the environmental impacts of the laboratory by sharing sustainability best practices and providing on-site support with green lab sustainability projects and initiatives.

My Green Lab Ambassador Program

We have partnered with My Green Lab to develop a suite of solutions to support your lab sustainability objectives. Our teams support the following solutions:

  • Our on-site teams are certified in the My Green Lab Ambassador Program, educated and empowered to support green lab principles and My Green Lab International’s gold standards for laboratory sustainability best practices.
  • Support and facilitate My Green Lab Assessment Questionnaires and initiatives.
  • Support My Green Lab’s “Freezer Challenge Program,” an international initiative to encourage cold storage best practices. Renovo Solutions delivers proactive cold storage maintenance programs to improve efficiency and save energy.
  • Develop and support sustainability metrics to align with company ESG priorities.

My Green Lab is having a fundamental and permanent impact on the sustainability of scientific research. Established as a non-profit organization, their aim is to unite and lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and others in the pursuit of a shared goal – a world where research adheres to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

RENOVO Solutions Partnership with WattIQ

Renovo Solutions also supports WattIQ’s enterprise-grade asset utilization and condition-monitoring IoT platform. The system connects thousands of unconnected electrical assets, making it possible for the first time to monitor utilization, health, safety, and location using a single device, the smart plug.

Renovo Solutions leverages this data to unlock the hidden value of under-utilized assets, unplanned equipment failure, and energy waste to deliver CapEX and OpEX savings. Our on-site service engineers are trained to support WattIQ’s platform

Lab sustainability practices and services that drive sustainability in science.

Instrument and Lab Equipment Compliance

Renovo’s on-site staff are trained in laboratory sustainability practices through The My Green Lab Ambassador Program.  This ensures that our staff is always aligned with your sustainability objectives and adding value to your team and culture.

Consultation, tools, and metrics to help reduce energy consumption and conserve resources.
  • Renovo can help you identify and measure your sustainability initiatives.
  • We provide project support to ensure objectives are achieved.
Programs to ensure your equipment is running efficiently
  • Administer and complete cleaning schedules
  • Administer and complete freezer maintenance and defrost programs
  • Maintain routine service schedules to ensure optimal functioning and prevent breakages.
  • Maintain and complete calibration schedules Keep your equipment calibrated.
  • Manage, repair, or refurbish equipment to extend life
  • Maintain software and regularly keep up with the system and antivirus software updates to eliminate security threats and downtime.
Support your team to achieve sustainability objectives
  • Renovo Solutions’ on-site employees are certified as My Green Lab Ambassadors
  • My Green Lab Ambassadors support your team to ensure sustainability objectives are achieved.

Laboratory Sustainability Practices FAQS

Renovo’s Asset Management program ensures your laboratory equipment maintains efficient up-time by maintaining SLAs, preventive maintenance, and calibrations.  When your equipment is properly maintained, your laboratory runs more efficiently reducing wasted time and resources.

Sustainability in science is an important concept that refers to the ability of scientific practices to be conducted in a way that does not harm the environment or deplete natural resources. This involves developing processes and technologies that are environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socially responsible. Sustainable science is crucial for ensuring that we can continue to make scientific advancements without causing irreversible damage to our planet. As the urgency of climate change and other environmental issues becomes increasingly clear, it is more important than ever that scientific research and innovation prioritize sustainability. By doing so, we can not only help to mitigate the harmful effects of human activity on the planet but also create a more equitable and just society for all.

Lab sustainability refers to the practices and initiatives that laboratories undertake to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Achieving lab sustainability involves implementing practices that are both environmentally and economically responsible. This includes using energy-efficient equipment, reducing waste through recycling and proper disposal, sourcing sustainable products and materials, and adopting environmentally-friendly lab protocols. Lab sustainability is vital as labs are known to consume vast amounts of resources. As such, the implementation of sustainable practices can significantly reduce waste, conserve resources, and ultimately protect the environment.  Overall, Lab sustainability is a critical concept that laboratories must embrace to ensure the continued health of our planet.

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