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Cybersecurity For Networked Medical Devices

It’s estimated that by 2025, nearly 70% of all medical devices will be connected to a network.  Is your healthcare delivery organization prepared to deal with all the potential cybersecurity risks associated with managing those devices? Managing multiple medical devices and systems can leave your healthcare facility vulnerable to breach events and disruption, not to mention the cost of additional resources and possible liabilities.


Avg # of Healthcare Data Breaches per Month in 2021

0 M

Estimated Healthcare Records Breached in 2021

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Healthcare Breaches in 2021 Due to Hacking/ IT Incident

At RENOVO SOLUTIONS, we understand the multi-faceted challenges you are trying to juggle when it comes to securing your facility and devices

Healthcare Delivery Organizations Can Now Proactively Inventory and Assess Your Cybersecurity Risk and Improve Efficiency With a Focused Solution: RENOVOSecure.

In addition, there are many challenges a healthcare organization can face when trying to maintain its own medical device cybersecurity program including:

  • Growing number of connected medical devices makes it hard to stay “on-top” potential issues
  • Devices that can not take an agent, are hard to update, and cannot be seen or managed by traditional security products
  • Scanning or probing can disrupt sensitive medical devices, potentially impacting functionality or crashing devices


Hacked devices can put patients’ care at risk


Can be costly, but so can disruption to your daily operations


HIPPA breaches can cost you monetarily, and the trust of your patients


Identifying possible threats to assets you are looking to buy


Accuracy of discoverable AND non-discoverable devices


Vulnerabilities not being addressed by the OEM

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RENOVOSecure is a comprehensive approach to medical device security software and management. RENOVOSecure allows healthcare organizations to identify, protect and reduce their risk of cyber-attacks. Further, real-time vulnerability discovery with advanced intelligence allows dynamic insight and actionable mitigation options on your medical devices.

Organization Wide Road Map

RENOVOSecure is a best-in-class, complete risk lifecycle platform, and road map. The platform with artificial intelligence, along with RENOVO’s integrated systems management (ISM) approach provides you with both observability and controllability of your networked devices.

Stakeholders organization-wide from clinical staff, financial, purchasing and IT will benefit from analytics stemming from RENOVOSecure, resulting in the safest environment possible for treating patients.

Flexible & Scalable

Our programs are customized for each of our partner’s needs.  We offer everything from remote monitoring and support to comprehensive, onsite, personnel.

RENOVOSecure Cybersecurity Solution

96% of Matched Devices

500 Vulnerabilities Tracked

75% Reduction in remediation time

RENOVOSecure At a Glance

Take a quick look at what RENOVOSecure has to offer.

Medical Device Inventory, Risk Monitoring and Mitigation.

RENOVOSecure works passively in the background to actively manage your network by identifying connected medical devices, detecting and assessing the risks, providing a response and actionable mitigation tactics. This information is displayed in RENOVO’s proprietary CMMS, RENOVOLive. The dashboard provides metrics for visibility, control and expense recognition to increase clinical and operational efficiency.


Continuous discovery enables accurate identification, tracking and classification of assets using AI / ML and deep packet inspection

Vulnerability Management

Proactive, actionable AI that incorporates best practices to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, prioritize and mitigate risk, (integrates) MDS2, SBOMS


Near real-time identification of threats and anomalous behavior. Active review and response to threats against medical device operation and security.


Management, Visibility and Enforcement: Create policies on any network parameter for any asset, for 100% visibility across the entire network. Block, Segment or Micro-segment on the network

Equipment Optimization

Risk Management and Planning: Risk analysis and mitigation recommendation for devices before bringing them onto the network. Capacity planning, fleet management, hour-by-hour utilization metrics

Forensic Analysis

Capture any traffic to or from devices. Can be leveraged for both incident response and forensic purposes, to reveal tactics, techniques, and procedures that an attacker is using

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RENOVOSecure Cyber Specialists

The RENOVOSecure Team is composed of healthcare, medical device experts with Cybersecurity backgrounds. We have the expertise to provide our customers with leading industry knowledge and compliance. Further, we partner with best-in-industry Healthcare IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and IoT cybersecurity companies with proven technologies.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to your Healthcare Delivery Organization’s cybersecurity. Our team includes cyber engineers, biomedical/clinical engineers, info security, health system/IT networking to ensure that all areas of risk are represented.

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