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With RENOVO’s cutting-edge web-based Computerized Maintenance and Management tool (CMMS), RENOVOLive®, clients can access comprehensive information about their medical equipment maintenance. RENOVO’s open transparency into RENOVOLive allows you to gain valuable visibility and insight into all aspects of your equipment maintenance with ease and convenience.

RENOVOLive® is a comprehensive system enabling medical facilities to help manage all the service, financial and equipment details of their assets in one location.

RENOVOLive® was built as an all-inclusive tool for healthcare technology management (HTM) based on best practices from the manufacturing and IT industries within a new management framework. We refer to our approach as Integrated Systems Management (ISM). ISM incorporates processes that improve performance, lower lifecycle costs and reduce risk. These processes include Asset, Risk, Systems, and Project Management best practices.

Benefits of RENOVOLive®

  • Internet-accessible equipment management software system for tracking all clinical and non-clinical equipment, including JC and/or DNV required documentation, maintenance expenditures, national average comparisons, etc.
  • The SaaS model eliminates customer hosting costs and provides access to continuous development improvements
  • Additional cost savings are achieved when RENOVO monitors the account activity and the customer is provided with feedback regarding opportunities for further reducing maintenance costs.
  • No ongoing development costs. RENOVO is responsible for all software development activities.
  • Access to benchmarking information for “like-kind” equipment throughout the United States (e.g. mean time between failure, average annual maintenance expenditures, etc.).
  • Ability to view all equipment within a multi-hospital health system regardless of size or geographic location.
  • All requests for service can be placed by phone with the RENOVO central dispatch call center: (888) 736-6861, or by calling the on-site technical staff, or by using our online computerized maintenance management system, RENOVOLive®.

Maximize Performance and Savings through Medical Equipment Management Software

As medical device technology evolves, health systems face the challenge of managing a growing inventory. Meanwhile, hospital margins continue to tighten, amplified by significant geographic expansions and increasing investment in non-acute care sites. A delicate balance must be struck to ensure efficient inventory management while prioritizing optimal patient care.

In today’s medical landscape, it’s crucial to prioritize the visibility of your devices to ensure they provide value to your health system. That’s why RENOVOLive® offers cutting-edge technology for device optimization and visibility. Our comprehensive tools allow you to do more than just monitor inventory; you can also take advantage of data-driven insights to make informed decisions that maximize your investment’s value providing complete accountability. 

Choose RENOVOLive® for unparalleled medical device visibility and strategic decision-making.

Medical Equipment Management Software FAQs

Medical equipment management software refers to the computer programs and systems that are designed to help healthcare facilities manage their medical equipment inventories. This software provides healthcare professionals with tools that enable them to track and manage medical equipment, such as machines, devices, and instruments. It is also useful for managing resources, scheduling maintenance, and optimizing the use of medical equipment. Medical equipment management software is a valuable asset for any healthcare facility as it helps manage the safe use and upkeep of medical equipment, reducing potential risks to patient safety while increasing operational efficiency. By utilizing this technology, healthcare providers can ensure the highest standard of patient care and maximize the lifespan of their equipment.

A CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is a powerful tool for enhancing healthcare facilities’ maintenance management tasks. As hospitals and clinics continue to grow in size and complexity, maintenance managers are seeking ways to better manage the day-to-day tasks and ensure that essential equipment is running reliably. A CMMS enables healthcare organizations to achieve a more proactive approach to maintenance management, allowing for centralized control over work orders, maintenance schedules, and asset management. By utilizing CMMS, healthcare maintenance managers can streamline their operations to reduce downtime and ensure the safety and health of patients and staff.