Healthcare Technology Management


Expertise to Optimize Your Healthcare Capital Planning

Effective clinical asset management technology and analytics rely on collaboration between people and processes. In today’s fast-evolving healthcare landscape, with heightened margin pressures, facility transitions, and growing cyber threats, aligning clinicians and administrators is crucial. Together, they can drive the benefits of advanced healthcare technology and analytics and secure the future of patient care.

We Offer Guidance in the Following Areas

We work closely with all major OEMs and specialty ISOs, yet as a third-party provider, RENOVO provides vendor-neutral objective expertise with respect to service delivery and healthcare technology management consultation.


  • Full-featured vendor product comparisons
  • Participation in customer product evaluations committees
  • Clinical and imaging equipment evaluations based on several key criteria
  • New equipment specifications review
  • Recommendations regarding replacement, redeployment and disposal


  • Service line technology review and analysis
  • Existing technology audit/analysis
  • Market technology analysis
  • Five-year capital budget planning recommendations
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) development


  • Equipment selection assistance
  • Equipment procurement assistance
  • Vendor coordination
  • Equipment move-in assistance
  • Equipment commissioning and training assistance


  • Project management
  • Purchasing and supporting contract analysis and negotiation
  • Policy and procedure analysis and development
  • Workflow analysis and redesign
  • Equipment removal and relocation
  • Asset disposition

Healthcare Capital Planning Integration

RENOVO collaborates with healthcare providers to achieve tangible transformation within the industry. Our aim is to ensure quality care at a reduced cost while boosting patient and staff satisfaction.

Our seasoned consultants work alongside your leadership and staff to optimize workflow efficiency, leverage resources, guide technology strategy, and integration, and deliver a top-notch experience. Let us help you take your healthcare delivery to the next level.

Healthcare Capital Planning and Consulting FAQs

Healthcare capital planning refers to the process of strategically planning and allocating resources for physical assets and infrastructure within healthcare organizations. Essentially, it involves the careful consideration and prioritization of which projects and investments to pursue, taking into account both the organization’s immediate needs and long-term goals. This can include everything from building new facilities to upgrading technology and equipment. Effective capital planning is essential for ensuring that healthcare organizations can provide quality care to their patients while remaining fiscally responsible. With careful planning, healthcare organizations can ensure they are making the most efficient and effective use of their resources, while also improving patient outcomes and driving overall organizational success.

Effective healthcare capital planning involves the careful allocation of resources for the long-term sustainability of healthcare facilities. To achieve this, healthcare organizations must prioritize their needs while taking into account their financial capabilities. To improve healthcare capital planning, organizations can adopt various strategies, such as implementing an effective capital budget process, engaging key stakeholders, and regularly evaluating capital projects. Additionally, leveraging data and technology can help healthcare organizations make informed decisions when it comes to allocating resources. By implementing strategic planning and collaboration, healthcare organizations can improve their capital planning processes and ensure the delivery of quality care to patients.