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Lab Asset Management

Comprehensive Solutions Driving Asset Optimization

RENOVO Solutions offers comprehensive asset management and maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of any laboratory, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Our customized delivery solutions deliver optimal efficiency and operational performance, making us the go-to partner for all your laboratory asset management needs.


One contract, one cost, one call.

As a single-source solution provider, we can simplify vendor management for all your lab equipment and instruments in which we assume single responsibility for both delivering and managing service. Our solutions help clients meet regulatory requirements and offer a streamlined approach to maintaining the vast number of instruments and equipment life science & research facilities own.

With RENOVO, multiple vendor agreements and services are consolidated into one comprehensive contract.  We are accountable for equipment up-time and the ability to reduce your administrative burden and freeing up valuable time for your scientists.

Why Lab Asset Management?


Research and laboratory facilities face escalating service costs, decentralized service management, and difficulty keeping up with required, routine and schedule maintenance.

The Importance of Data

Most equipment decisions lack data and analytics required to implement a sound asset management and a longer-term capital allocation process.

Save Valuable Time

Tracking science enabling equipment and contracts are time-consuming.

Avoid Negative Complications

Waste, inefficiency and redundancy are prevalent if processes and spending are not evaluated on a regular basis.


Utilizing our proprietary computerized maintenance management system RENOVOLive®, you have the ability to track each individual piece of lab equipment and each critical event in the lifecycle of the asset. This powerful, web-based software tool is a comprehensive system that enables life science & research facilities access to service, financial analytics, and equipment details of their entire fleet of assets such as service history, compliance/accreditation tracking, and cost of pass-through services.

RENOVOLive® can facilitate further cost savings when the performance metrics of equipment is monitored and feedback is provided for continuous equipment improvement.  

The portal provides metrics to help assess the total cost of ownership and manage the lifecycle of assets.

Lab Asset Management Services

RENOVO Solutions enable scientists to gain maximum value from their assets. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is equipped with the expertise necessary for managing the maintenance of all laboratory equipment, no matter its manufacturer. Through our integrated solution, clients can expect improved operational efficiencies that lead to greater asset uptime while reducing inventory costs.

  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • Comprehensive Instrument Service Plans
  • Service Contract Management
  • Instrument Repair and Preventive Maintenance
  • Regular System Qualifications
  • Lab Sustainability Practices
  • Lab Inventory and Supplier Management
  • Instrument Life Cycle Management
    • Capex Planning and Asset Utilization
    • Facility Mapping
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Tagging and Financial Reporting – Depreciation
    • Decontamination
    • Decommissioning
    • Disposition 

Proactive asset management can significantly increase the lifespan of your assets while minimizing lost time caused by equipment failure and operational issues. RENOVO offers comprehensive custom solutions including qualification and compliance services for ensuring your equipment meets all accreditation standards.

Asset Management Team

Renovo Solutions creates customized staffing models appropriately sized to the size of your asset installed base and aligned to your budget needs.  We offer on-site and geographically shared resources.

On-Site MVS Engineer

RENOVO Solutions has service engineers trained in multiple vendors, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, accurate, and prompt equipment maintenance services. Our engineers are equipped with the capabilities to perform calibrations and qualifications whenever necessary, regardless of the manufacturer.

BioHub MVS Engineer

RENOVO Solutions also has a team of highly qualified multi-vendor service engineers supporting multiple customer sites in BioHubs based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Diego, California.  We offer a range of service contract options to support your equipment needs.

Account Manager

For asset management engagements, we typically assign an on-site account manager to offer active, direct management, and ensure accountability to fulfill your maintenance and service requirements. Our account managers oversee contracts, services, work orders, and inventory management. A Renovo Account Manager serves as a critical facilitator of all the service events across your fleet of equipment and freeing up valuable time for your scientific teams.

Supplier Development and Collaboration

RENOVO conducts proactive meetings with vendors and suppliers to ensure positive, continuous outcomes and delivery on customers’ behalf. We monitor and schedule all service level agreements to ensure that OEM service contract entitlements are delivered on time.

Benefits of RENOVO’s Lab Asset Management Services

  • Simplified service model – Managing multiple vendors can be time-consuming. With RENOVO’s one contract, one cost, and one call, you will save on administrative time and cost.
  • Increase productivity – We work to maximize your resources. Our solutions remove the administrative burden from your scientists and allow them to focus on their core competency.
  • Increased uptimes – RENOVO’s sense of urgency decreases your downtime. We aggressively manage your corrective, and preventive maintenance, and escalations in order to maximize up-time so the lab workflow experiences as little disruption as possible.
  • Inventory Optimization– RENOVO will help reduce your lifecycle management costs along with maintaining a continuous accurate inventory while facilitating asset utilization recommendations.
  • Compliance management – Through RENOVOLive®, we can provide optimal management of a compliance environment.
  • Overall increased lab efficiency – Our customized service delivery solutions will uniquely address your laboratory’s needs to ensure overall optimization and lab efficiency.

Asset Management Services

Renovo Life Sciences enables scientists to gain maximum value from their assets. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is equipped with the expertise necessary for managing the maintenance of all laboratory equipment, no matter its manufacturer. Through our integrated solution, clients can expect improved operational efficiencies that lead to greater asset uptime while reducing inventory costs – a win-win situation!

Lab asset management services support scientific lab research

Lab Asset Management Partnership with RENOVO

A comprehensive laboratory asset management plan is required for laboratories of all sizes to consistently accomplish their scientific and business objectives. Identifying the right strategic partner to manage your organization’s current lab operation is crucial to achieving success.

RENOVO Solutions will increase equipment up-time and lab efficiencies to drive the speed of science!

Lab Asset Management FAQs

Asset management in a lab is the systematic and efficient handling of equipment, supplies, and other resources that are necessary for research and daily laboratory operations. It is an essential aspect of lab sustainability that involves tracking asset use, maintenance, and disposal. Effective asset management helps lab managers to optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and enhance safety. When properly implemented, it enhances the productivity and longevity of equipment, as well as reduces the likelihood of accidents and the need for frequent repairs. Additionally, it is a crucial component of research integrity and compliance with regulations. As such, asset management should be a top priority for labs seeking to maintain efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Lab asset management is vital in ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity in a laboratory setting. Appropriate management of equipment and resources can help avoid overstocking, reduce the risk of equipment breakdowns, and improve the accuracy of test results. Given that labs require significant investments in equipment and supplies, proper management ensures that they are used optimally over their lifespan. Additionally, reliable tracking of assets assists laboratories in keeping track of equipment maintenance needs and preventing equipment loss. Ignoring or neglecting lab asset management can lead to poor lab performance, expensive replacement costs, and regulatory non-compliance. Therefore, prioritizing lab asset management is crucial in maintaining smooth lab operations, reducing operational costs, and ensuring scientific integrity.