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Rick Ramos, SVP

Rick joined Renovo Solutions in 2022 to accelerate the growth of Renovo’s Life Sciences business.  With over 20 years of management experience across pharma, biotech, med tech, and laboratory services, Rick has built high performance teams and high-growth businesses for exceptional companies like Forest Laboratories, Genzyme, Sanofi and PerkinElmer.

Rick Gates VP, Life Science Operations

Rick Gates joined Renovo Solutions in 2019 to lead and assist in the development of the Operations team.  Using his 35 years of professional experience in both HTM and Life Science team leadership – and essential leadership experience in Asset Management Operations and Business Development (M&A) –  Rick plays a critical role in establishing the Life Science Division of Renovo Solutions, and continues to offer leadership and innovation for the Operations team.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Rick is AAMI CBET certified, and has 15 years of experience, both in building HTM organizations, and in leading Field Service teams for OEMs in diagnostic laboratories (GE Healthcare and Sysmex America).

Stacie Verdi, Regional Director of Operations

Stacie joined Renovo Solutions in 2023 to oversee and directly manage our Life Science customers. With over 20 years of operations, customer service, business development & management experience across pharma, biotech & academic customer sites. Stacie is a graduate of Babson College and Suffolk University, School of Management and resides in the Northeast. Stacie has a proven track record in driving business growth, managing large operational teams & maximizing organizational productivity at companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific & VWR.

Anthony Delpeche, Regional Director of Operations

Anthony joined Renovo Solutions in 2022 as the Regional Director of Operations, where he skillfully oversees and manages our Life Science customers. With over 30 years of invaluable business and operations experience, he is dedicated to delivering operational and leadership excellence to ensure high-performance results. Anthony has an impressive track record of driving business growth, effectively managing integrated operational teams, collaboration and productivity at companies like PerkinElmer and GE Healthcare.

Gan Sasaki, Director of Business Development, West

Gan’s background as a microbiology researcher gives him first-hand knowledge of laboratory workflows. He knows what end-users expect in an optimized equipment asset and service management solution. 

His nearly 30 years of sales and marketing experience gives him an understanding of how to build trusting relationships with customers, while also helping customers develop efficient and optimized asset service delivery solutions.’

Gan brings exceptional communication and support to life science facilities in the western region of the U.S.

Lastly, he has multifaceted interests covering computer technology and anything that is science.  He is Japanese-English bilingual and bicultural.

Mark Hatin, Director of Business Development, East

Mark’s extensive experience in Healthcare and Life Science sales and providing equipment maintenance and management solutions enables him to provide clients with a broad and deep range of knowledge. For over 30 years Mark has demonstrated his ability to cultivate and maintain relationships by continually developing effective solutions to solve customers’ challenges. Mark’s focus is to continue to develop, expand and maintain the growth of our business in the Life Science market and continue to strengthen our strategic partnerships in the Eastern Zone for RENOVO Solutions.

Mallory Platner, Director of Business Development

Mallory joined the Renovo Solutions team to expand our partnerships across the Northeast life science community. Mallory has a proven track record of building strong relationships with her customers with a focus on trust, process improvement and growth. Her previous experience working in hospitals like Brigham and Women’s in Boston as well as life science sales with Thermo Fisher Scientific positions her to be able to strengthen our business and expand our partnerships across the Northeast. Mallory has a BS from SUNY Brockport and an MBA from Boston University.

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