Healthcare Technology Management

Healthcare Technology Management

It's Not Just Something We Do, It's All We Do.

Renovo Life Sciences is passionate about creating Asset and Laboratory Management Solutions that are driven by innovation, transparency, sustainability, and a focus on unbiased results.

Optimize Your Clinical Assets for Better Patient Care

Clinical Engineering

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Medical Equipment with RENOVO’s Customized Clinical Engineering Services

RENOVO provides tailor-made engineering services to meet your unique needs and modality requirements. Our dedicated team of onsite clinical engineers and biomedical technicians ensure uninterrupted and efficient utilization of medical equipment required to meet patient needs.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Reduce Service Costs

Optimize Clinical Engineering service with flexible scalable solutions. RENOVO does NOT require our clients to commit to Full-Service coverage for all their equipment and will tailor the service level coverage to best fit your operational & financial needs.

Improve Equipment Availability

Streamline management and repairs for all equipment types.  RENOVO continuously monitors all medical equipment assets to identify predictive and proactive service opportunities that in turn maximize equipment UPTIME and assures scheduled patient treatments are not hindered.

Mitigate Regulatory Risks

Take control of device recalls, regulatory/safety reporting, and end-of-life  recommendations

Access to Reporting and Analytics

Get the analytics you need to forecast services and use rigorous back-end data to demonstrate compliance. RENOVO’s CMMS RENOVOLive provides Open and Complete Transparency and Complete Accuracy of Inventory Reporting and Analytics. 

Clinical Asset Management

Streamline Healthcare Asset Management for Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency

Reduce expenses and enhance device availability with RENOVO’s specialized expertise in managing medical equipment and services. Our strategic approach helps hospitals optimize clinical asset management, allowing for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Trust us to help your facility achieve significant savings and improve overall operations.

Comprehensive HTM Program

RENOVO’s HTM program offers a comprehensive solution for medical equipment planning and service. Our dedicated staff guarantees that all your Biomed and imaging equipment is properly maintained, ensuring the safety of patient care.

  • Biomedical & Imaging Service
  • Capital Equipment Planning
  • Asset Utilization/Optimization
    • Return on Investment
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Sustainability
  • Networked medical device cybersecurity
  • Accurate inventory management through the use of RENOVO’s CMMS, RENOVOLive®

RenovoLive provides actionable data to assist in repairs, maintenance, cost, and lifecycle optimization

  • Medical Device Disposition
  • Equipment Relocation

RENOVOSecure Cybersecurity Solutions

Enhanced Medical Device Security Software & Service

Introducing CE-IT Live: the pioneering solution for managing medical devices with utmost efficiency. Developed by RENOVO SOLUTIONS, this comprehensive software acts as both a configuration manager and a service management tool. With its cutting-edge technology, CE-IT Live ensures compliance with IEC 80001 for risk management of networked medical devices. Streamline your clinical engineering processes and enhance security with our industry-leading software and services.

The CE-IT Live software provides:

  • Availability of system, administrative and vendor information
  • Complete and accurate inventory of system device configurations
  • Resolving the underlying root cause of incidents and consequently preventing them from occurring
  • Creating a knowledge base of known errors and solutions
  • Minimizing a disruption of services and improving success of projects implemented
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Proactive financial planning and analysis

Medical Equipment Management Software

Manage Medical Equipment Maintenance Effortlessly with RENOVOLive® – Our Proprietary CMMS Solution

Discover the power of RENOVOLive®, the cutting-edge web-based Computerized Maintenance and Management tool (CMMS) by RENOVO. With our innovative software, clients gain unparalleled access to comprehensive information about their medical equipment maintenance. Stay on top of service, financial, and equipment details with ease and convenience.

Experience a Comprehensive System for Effective Asset Management

RENOVOLive® is more than just a CMMS. It’s a comprehensive system specifically designed for medical facilities. Take control of your asset management by effortlessly managing service, financial, and equipment details all in one place. Gain valuable visibility and insightful data to optimize your operations.

Biomedical Technician Staffing, Training, and Development

RENOVO HTM Staff: Enhancing Your Team with Technical Expertise

Experience the power of our highly trained biomedical technicians and imaging engineers. We stay at the forefront of technology to ensure the optimal functionality of your equipment. Trust our skilled staff to augment your existing teams and deliver exceptional results.

We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Corrective  maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Escalation procedures & critical device alerts
  • Education – train fellow
  • Ensure compliance
  • Documentation – maintain records of maintenance and repairs
  • 24×7, 365 days

Healthcare Capital Planning and Consulting

Collaboration is the key to successful clinical asset management technology and analytics. In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, where margins are tight, facilities are shifting, and cyber threats are on the rise, it’s more important than ever for clinicians and administrators to work together. By joining forces, they can harness the power of cutting-edge healthcare technology and analytics and ensure the future of patient care.

We Offer Consulting in the Following Areas

  • Technology Assessment
  • Capital Budget Planning
  • Equipment Planning
  • Professional Services

RENOVO partners with healthcare providers to drive impactful change in the industry. Our goal is to deliver high-quality care at a lower cost, all while enhancing satisfaction for both patients and staff.

One Contract. One Cost. One Call.


We implement RENOVOLive®, our award winning proprietary computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

Delivery Plan

We proactively manage service from call dispatch to service completion through our mutually agreed service delivery plan.

Tech Support

Includes account management, Renovo technical and OEM // third-party service support.

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