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Let us help you streamline your research and development lab. We can tackle the IT disconnect, reduce data overloads and keep instrument uptime running smoothly so that you have the freedom to focus on achieving Quality and Speed of Science.

Our experienced professionals understand how scientific technology works together with IT systems for improved workflows – leading to greater productivity levels in any laboratory!

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Partnership with Watt IQ - Instrument Utilization

Utilizing RENOVOLive®, you have the ability to track each individual piece of your lab equipment and each critical event in the lifecycle of the asset. This powerful, web-based software tool is a comprehensive system that enables life science & research facilities access to service, financial and equipment details of their assets such as service history, Compliance/accreditation tracking, and cost of pass-through services.

RENOVOLive® can facilitate further cost savings when the performance metrics of equipment is monitored and feedback is provided for continuous equipment improvement.  

The portal provides metrics to help assess the total cost of ownership and manage the lifecycle of assets.

Managing Technology and IT

Lab leaders everywhere are battling a perfect storm of modern pressures: tighter deadlines, budget constraints, reproducibility issues, and ever-evolving technology. With so many demands pulling them away from their main duties – scientific activities – the challenge has never been greater to innovate while still increasing productivity in the lab.

Leading scientific labs is no easy task – tight timeframes, budgetary constraints and a need for innovation are all challenges that must be overcome. To make matters worse, limited resources are eaten up by administrative responsibilities rather than enabling scientists to focus on their research. 

The pressure is rising but the rewards of being at the forefront of science remain great; what’s needed now more than ever before is an intelligent approach to lab management solutions so researchers can stay ahead in this increasingly competitive environment!

RENOVO Solutions Provides Technology and IT Optimization

Research labs confront a number of IT hindrances, ranging from capability inconsistencies to data surplus and beyond. In addition, dynamic priorities create an additional layer of complexity for these operational environments.

By ensuring that the IT in your lab is consistently optimized, we bridge any capability gaps to improve response time and instrument uptime while also enhancing scientific productivity.

Our IT experts specialize in the intricacies of scientific instrumentation, creating optimized workflows to ensure Quality and Speed of Science for your facility.

Laboratory IT Solutions FAQS

In today’s world of science and technology, the use of Lab IT solutions has become crucial for the success of laboratory researchers. These solutions refer to the integration of software and hardware within the laboratory, providing a seamless interface that helps to carry out experiments, collect data, analyze, and store it efficiently. While the importance of accuracy and precision in the laboratory cannot be overstated, the use of Lab IT solutions ensures that researchers can keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of their work. With the availability of cutting-edge solutions, lab personnel can streamline operations, minimize errors, and ultimately achieve better research outcomes. From data management to laboratory information systems (LIMS) and quality control, Lab IT solutions have transformed laboratory operations and are an indispensable asset to researchers.

In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of lab experiments, proper   monitoring of lab instruments is essential. Utilizing lab IT solutions can help to streamline this process and improve overall efficiency. Among the best practices for lab instrument monitoring include regular calibration, consistent maintenance, and in some cases, automated monitoring processes. It is also important to establish a system for tracking instrument usage and ensuring that proper protocols are followed by all lab personnel. By adhering to these best practices, labs can minimize the risk of experimental errors and ensure that data collected is of the highest quality.

An integrated lab, in essence, is a facility that has seamless lab IT solutions. It brings together different components, such as various analytical instruments, sample handling, sample preparation, and data management. Such laboratories enable scientists to conduct experiments comprehensively and manage and analyze data more efficiently. Consequently, they save time and reduce the risk of errors. With complete integration, instrumentation, supplies, and system components work together seamlessly, which even allows for remote laboratory monitoring and enables a higher level of collaboration. Such technology has transformed lab operations and enables greater productivity, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

Lab data management and analysis are integral components of modern scientific research. These tasks require a streamlined and efficient system to capture, process and analyze data that is generated by various lab instruments. This is where lab IT solutions come into play. By leveraging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, lab IT solutions help researchers make sense of the massive amount of data generated by lab instruments. With advanced data management and analysis tools, scientists can easily identify patterns, correlations, and other meaningful insights that are often hidden in datasets. When implemented successfully, lab IT solutions can help researchers save time, reduce errors, and make more accurate and informed scientific decisions.

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