Let us help you streamline your research and development lab. We can tackle the IT disconnect, reduce data overloads and keep instrument uptime running smoothly so that you have the freedom to focus on achieving Quality and Speed of Science.

Our experienced professionals understand how scientific technology works together with IT systems for improved workflows – leading to greater productivity levels in any laboratory!

RENOVOLive® includes the following benefits:

  • Internet accessible equipment management software system for tracking all clinical and non-clinical equipment, to include compliance documentation, maintenance expenditures and national average comparisons.
  • Developed by RENOVO SOLUTIONS’ staff using Microsoft™ SQL Server as the database engine. This sophisticated and state-of-the-art software technology provides the fastest access available to database information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with access to the internet.
  • No investment for hardware or software needed (all communication is accomplished via the Internet).
  • Additional cost savings are achieved when the account activity is monitored by RENOVO and the customer is provided with feedback regarding opportunities for further reducing maintenance costs.
  • No ongoing development costs. RENOVO is responsible for all software development activities.
  • Access to benchmarking information for “like-kind” equipment throughout the United States (e.g. mean time between failure, average annual maintenance expenditures, etc.).
  • Ability to view all equipment within a multi-facility regardless of size or geographic location.
  • All requests for service can be placed by phone with the RENOVO central dispatch call center: (888) 736-6861, or by calling the on-site technical staff, or by using our portal within the computerized maintenance management system, RENOVOLive®.