NEWS: Renovo Solutions’ Anthony Coronado Earns CMIA Professional of the Year Honor

Anthony Coronado of RENOVO SOLUTIONS, was awarded the California Medical Instrumentation Association Professional of the Year honor on January 29, 2016 at the CMIA Educational Conference for his contributions to the Biomedical/Clinical Engineering field.  His accomplishments for cyber-security of medical devices have made a domestic and global impact in securing patient safety.

Coronado joined RENOVO in 2010. His main responsibility with RENOVO is to manage the Biomedical Engineering Department of RENOVO’s customer, Methodist Hospital of Southern California.  The team handles all the modalities found throughout the hospital, including networked medical devices and systems.

In 2013, Methodist Hospital was the recipient of the 2013 ECRI Institute’s Health Devices Achievement Award for Coronado’s submission of the Biomedical Engineering Department’s Integrated Systems Management (ISM) Program.  This program focuses on cyber-security and provides a risk management solution for vulnerabilities associated with networked medical device technology.  This submission titled “Redefining Medical Equipment Management and Giving a Solution to Vulnerabilities from New Medical Device Technology” marked the first time in history of the award that a Biomedical Engineering Department had been the winning recipient.  This program serves as a blueprint for other hospitals to follow.

Coronado’s cyber-security presentation was displayed by the FDA’s Institute of Medicine, he taught a webinar with the FDA in 2014, and was elected to the FDA/Mitre Advisory Board in 2015.  Coronado has been featured in over 30 articles from industry publications such as Modern Healthcare, MD Publishing, Politico and more.  He has also been published in the AAMI Horizons magazine.  In January 2015, TechNation Magazine recognized Coronado and his team as Department of the Month and had featured articles in TechNation Magazine in February and July of 2015.

During the Joint Commission Inspection of Methodist Hospital in July 2015, Coronado was awarded best practice for development of his Clinical Alarm Management program.  The program documented a 45% reduction in nuisance alarms and his program has since been implemented in several other California area client hospitals of RENOVO.

Coronado is also currently a part-time instructor at the Southern California Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses in the Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s program such as Biomechanics, Biomedical Imaging, Biomedical Instrumentation: Application and Design, and FDA Regulations.  He is also in charge of the Biomedical Engineering Lab.  Since taking over these courses, employment placement of students graduating from his classes has tripled.

Coronado has been regarded in articles as a pioneer for patient safety.  His work continues to change biomedical engineering programs to keep up with ever-evolving medical technologies.

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