Know Your Options: XR 29 Compliancy for CT Scanners

If your Radiology Department is struggling to make a decision on which path to take for XR 29 compliancy, make sure you’ve researched all your options.


For 2016, if your CT scanner(s) do not meet the mandated XR 29 dose management compliancy requirements, your CMS maximum allowable billing reimbursement will be cut by 5% for certain CT imaging performed on non-compliant scanners.  In 2017, the reduction in billing requirements will go to 15%.

So, what are your options?


Option 1 : You could replace the non-compliant CT scanner to a new model with XR 29 compliancy built in.  To purchase a new CT model, with adding in costs for required room preparations, can cost a facility a range of $350,000 – $700,000.

Option 2: Another option might be to reallocate patients to other scanners within your healthcare system that are XR 29 compliant.  This could work, but may cause patients great inconvenience, create scheduling backlogs for compliant CTs, or may cause the possibility of compliant CTs being over utilized and non-compliant CTs under utilized. Or if you’re a small facility, and don’t have a second CT, then you’re forced into upgrading your CT or taking the reimbursement cut.

Option 3: RENOVO SOLUTIONS has another option that is more affordable for XR 29 compliancy.  We have identified a third party XR 29 NEMA qualified alternative solution that is non-invasive to the CT scanner.


This NEMA qualified third party XR 29 alternative solution is a peripheral solution that is not integrated into the CT scanner, nor does it void any 510K requirements of the medical device. This solution carries a one-time cost of $29,000 with an annual post warranty support agreement of $6,000. It has also been qualified through a vetting process with 100% success and we will provide your institution with a Certificate of Validation that all attributes have been meet as indicated in the NEMA XR 29 requirement.

If your healthcare facility is still unsure about your XR compliancy path, get ahead of the curve and call RENOVO SOLUTIONS for a free evaluation to determine if your CT scanner(s) qualify for our alternative solution.

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