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Medical Device Managed Security Software & Service

Clinical Engineering Information Technology Live, or simply CE-IT Live, is the first comprehensive networked medical device management software designed as both a configuration manager and an active service management tool. RENOVO SOLUTIONS was the first company to pioneer the development of a software tool to comply with IEC 80001 for the risk management of networked medical devices.

We are the only clinical engineering service provider that incorporates ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) framework practices into the medical equipment support environment to work with our propriety CMMS, RENOVOLive®.  RENOVO SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive support and training to help manage your networked medical devices. We can assist with HIPAA security standards,  compliance, cybersecurity control implementation, disaster recovery planning and vulnerability management.

The CE-IT Live software provides:


  • Availability of system, administrative and vendor information
  • Complete and accurate inventory of system device configurations
  • Resolving the underlying root cause of incidents and consequently preventing them from occurring
  • Creating a knowledge base of known errors and solutions
  • Minimizing a disruption of services and improving success of projects implemented
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Proactive financial planning and analysis



Automated, Effortless Risk Mitigation

Managing multiple medical devices and systems can leave your healthcare facility vulnerable to breach events and disruption, not to mention the cost of additional resources. Healthcare Delivery Organizations can now proactively inventory and assess your cybersecurity risk and improve efficiency with a focused solution.

Through RENOVO SOLUTIONS’ partnership with Asimily, we are now able to provide automated risk assessment and management as a service solution to our clients. CE-IT Live is a true end-to-end, comprehensive readiness and cybersecurity solution.

Asimily Insight is a best-in-class, complete risk lifecycle platform and road map. RENOVO utilizes Asimily Insight’s platform with artificial intelligence, along with RENOVO’s integrated systems management (ISM) approach to give you both observability and controllability of your networked devices.

This service is designed to be flexible and integrate with your IT processes, provide goal directed metrics and mitigate risk. CE-IT LIve can help you answer these common questions regarding your networked medical devices’ security:

  1. What inventory do I have?
  2. Where is the device located?
  3. How do I protect it?
  4. What’s its clinical and financial value?
  5. How do I protect my patients?

Our actively managed solution is designed for: 

  • Policy Management – Help develop policies, procedures, and metrics
  • Inventory Management – Identify and track network medical devices
  • Vulnerability Management – Disclose and analyze the vulnerabilities of medical devices
  • Configuration Management – Document and evaluate the configuration of devices
  • Risk Management – Plan and implement security measures appropriate for revealed risks
  • And ensure continual, active review and response to threats against networked medical device operation and security


The dashboard provides metrics for visibility, control, risk reduction and expense recognition to increase clinical and operational efficiency.