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RENOVO Launches Digital Detector Solutions: A Cost-Cutting Alternative

Irvine, CA (July 18, 2016) – RENOVO SOLUTIONS today announced the launch of Digital Detector Solutions, which is the first offering of its kind to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional full service agreements for digital detector replacement coverage.

Digital detectors are wired or wireless portable imaging devices which allow hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities to bring convenient radiology services to the patient in their hospital or exam room, rather than moving the patient to the radiology department.  While digital detectors allow for higher quality patient care, their portability puts these devices at greater risk of being dropped or damaged in transit with a replacement cost between $85,000 and $120,000.

“In this era of value-based care, every hospital radiology department is required to stay within budget,” says Sandy Morford, CEO of RENOVO SOLUTIONS. “They have to fully insure for the risk of breakage or failure of digital detectors, as they do with their other specialized imaging equipment.  With no comparable alternative, these service agreements are expensive and provide little flexibility in coverage options.”

Digital Detector Solutions creatively manages risk to provide the equivalent service and coverage of a traditional full service plan at a fraction of the cost. The program is unique because it provides separate replacement coverage for digital detectors, which typically have a greater risk of damage and financial loss. By covering the digital detectors separately from other imaging equipment, the program more appropriately calculates and manages the risk, and by extension, the cost.

The cost savings realized through Digital Detector Solutions are substantial, with average cost reductions of 20 to 50 percent for digital detector coverage. Digital Detector Solutions provides manufacturer equivalency in terms of coverage, protection, and warranty.

Mike Bohl is a RENOVO SOLUTIONS client using Digital Detector Solutions. “This enables my ability to contain budgets and continually deliver, which was the primary decision factor in choosing the Digital Detector Solutions program over a traditional OEM full service agreement,” says Bohl, a board-certified radiology technologist and CEO and Director of GENRAD Imaging Group.

“The creation of this Digital Detector Solutions product will now empower the clinical equipment owner both financially and operationally from being tied to expensive service agreements or catastrophic replacement expenses,” says Alan Moretti, Vice President of Advanced Imaging and Radiation Oncology for RENOVO SOLUTIONS.

RENOVO SOLUTIONS has partnered with ProTek to create Digital Detector Solutions. For more information, visit

RENOVO SOLUTIONS provides healthcare technology management solutions to reduce costs, increase quality, and improve medical equipment performance in healthcare facilities nationwide. They also provide unbiased healthcare technology management consulting. For more information, visit

ProTek provides product liability, all types of insurance, and risk management solutions to the medical equipment industry. Their expertise has allowed them to have underwriting and rating authority with a national insurance company. ProTek is a member of Leavitt Group, one of the largest national insurance brokerages. For information about ProTek, visit For information about Leavitt Group, visit

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