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Case Studies

Healthcare solutions that improve quality and decrease spending costs are our core business. Learn how RENOVO SOLUTIONS is, and has made a difference with some of our clients.

Case Study 1 – 100 Bed hospital, west central illinois

Like many other hospitals, the Hospital was dealing with reimbursement pressures while patients are expecting continued improvement in services. Ultimately, the Hospital selected RENOVO SOLUTIONS over other healthcare technology management firms because of the due diligence exhibited in helping address concerns, working with existing departments and coordinating the best approach for Hospital staff as they moved forward.
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Case Study 2 – 500 bed hospital, Southern connecticut

The Hospital is a not-for-profit teaching hospital and their primary objective was outsourcing their non-core process in order to improve the quality of their biomedical program. RENOVO SOLUTIONS significantly reduced the Hospital’s spending over the contract term and simplified the number of clinical and diagnostic equipment vendors by migrating contracts to RENOVO SOLUTIONS over that time.
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Case study 3 – 100 bed hospital, nebraska

A fairly new hospital to the area, this Facility was looking to find a new approach to management of relatively new and low utilized equipment as it was starting to come off manufacturer warranty.  The Hospital awarded the business to RENOVO SOLUTIONS primarily based on the unique approach proposed and the projected cost savings for the program.

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Case study 4 – 230 bed hospital, central iowa

An acute care hospital and regional referral center, this Hospital was looking to reduce the cost of outside vendor contracts and consolidate services provided by nearly 40 vendors, while maintaining high quality of service.  Prior unsatisfactory experience with a medical equipment maintenance insurance program left a bad impression of that type of approach in the minds of the Hospital’s clinical department managers.  RENOVO’s solution for this Hospital not only reduced the Hospital’s costs significantly, but addressed all of the shortcomings and concerns from prior experiences.

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case study 5- 320 bed hospital, south central new york

A not-for-profit community based hospital with a fragmented biomedical department.  They had over 40 different agreements to manage over 1,800 devices, no life-cycle monitoring or proactive equipment planning which went hand-in-hand with budget spikes.  There was no system or visibility to critical information on equipment.  RENOVO delivered a comprehensive program that reduced the cost of maintenance by 20%, reduced the number of contracts, PO’s and parts purchasing management.  The program also established a joint biomed-IT support for networked technologies through RENOVO’s CE-IT live program.

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case study 6 – 650 bed hospital, eastern iowa

This health system was looking to reduce its annual service equipment spend on imaging modalities, With over a couple hundred imaging and oncology devices, support of these devices represented over 60% of the biomed support operating budget.  One of the hospitals largest budget expenses was contracts with OEM service providers. RENOVO SOLUTIONS was chosen to create a customized program that would be cost effective and flexible.

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case study 7 – 180 bed hospital, southern california

This Hospital’s goal was to outsource its biomedical program in order to make better use of resources, improve expertise and skill and gain efficiency and quicker turnaround of servicing equipment. RENOVO was selected to implement a comprehensive program that eliminated maintenance shortfalls, provided a team of experts to replace existing staff and increased the level of communication and overall management of the Hospitals Biomedical Equipment Management program.

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