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Healthcare technology Management

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Medical Equipment Management
and Medical Equipment Service

Medical technology increases staff productivity and save lives, but if it fails, healthcare productivity can be brought to a halt and patients are put at risk. As a single source solution provider, we can simplify vendor management for all your medical equipment in which we assume single responsibility for both delivering and managing service on all of your clinical and diagnostic imaging equipment and help healthcare organizations provide high-quality patient care. Our services help clients meet regulatory requirements, and offers a streamlined approach to maintaining the countless number of clinical systems healthcare facilities typically own.

With RENOVO, multiple vendor contracts and services are consolidated into one comprehensive agreement. One contract, one cost, one call.

On-site Clinical Engineering Program

As experts in our field, we have the ability to optimize the management of your clinical and diagnostic imaging equipment, and pass the benefits directly to you. This flexible, customized biomedical service program provides total control of your medical equipment maintenance program, while relieving you of the burden of managing multi-vendor, multi-departmental equipment service in your healthcare facility.

Our program, generally, also includes:

  • All corrective and planned equipment maintenance
  • Single point of contact for all equipment service needs
  • Web-based equipment maintenance management software
  • On-site clinical engineering staff dedicated to client facility
  • On-site manager to facilitate all day-to-day operations
  • On-site office coordinator to process invoices and clerical data
  • Training for all existing biomedical staff
  • Safety and asset acquisition reports

Guaranteed Cost Savings

savingsWe’ll structure a competitive multi-year proposal that delivers guaranteed savings with typical cost reduction of 15% or greater in service spend over your prior year audited equipment service spending.

Further, our Service Delivery Plan allows you to have a Fixed Maintenance Budget monthly to help simplify budgeting and improve long-term cost management instead of dealing with fluctuating, unplanned for service expenses.

Service Delivery Plans

A key element of success for our clients is the development of a Service Delivery Plan. This occurs during the implementation phase of our services in which we meet with key department leaders and we mutually agree upon the best service options for their equipment. Aligned with these service delivery plans, we also create an escalation policy to provide clear direction for our staff for the use of OEM, third party service providers and overtime if necessary. This device and location specific policy will provide a clear vision of your medical facility’s financial objectives without sacrificing or compromising patient safety and customer satisfaction.

Program Benefits

As a partner facility, you can expect to receive the following benefits of RENOVO’s maintenance and management program:

  • 24 x 7 Service Coverage
  • Full Regulatory Compliance
  • On-site Technical Staff
  • National Program Support
  • Optimized Asset Utilization
  • Service Accountability
  • RENOVOLive® Maintenance Web-based Software
  • Safety & Quality Assurance Program
  • Improved Program Efficiency

equipment-1Risk Management: RENOVO helps minimize both the clinical and financial risks associated with clinical equipment. In addition to keeping a watchful eye on hazard and recall notices, we handle OEM contract management and provide spare parts inventories to ensure fast, effective care for a wide range of needs.

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance: Equipment downtime can be expensive. Our proactive, preventative maintenance focuses on minimizing the costs associate with downtime and extending equipment value long-term. While our focus is no down time, we offer fast response to equipment issues if they occur.

Lifecyle Asset Management: We can assist medical facilities in analyzing the costs and useful life of current equipment and weigh that against the investment in new systems and overall patient care goals.

Needs Assessment and Equipment Planning: It can become difficult to decide if and when to adopt increasingly complex biomedical equipment. RENOVO can provide independent and objective consultation to help you make sound purchasing decisions. The result is assurance that a new purchase cost-effectively supports long-term patient care goals and ensures quality outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with the Joint Commission’s Environment of Care or the DNV as well as other State and Federal regulatory standards is an ongoing process – not a one-time effort. Inspections are often performed with little or no warning. Not a single client of RENOVO SOLUTIONS’ has ever received a contingency due to a non-compliance with the Environment of Care Standards.

IT Driven: We recognize that the role of the biomedical technician (BMET) is ever changing. Along the lines of training and expertise, RENOVO has and will continue to invest in the training necessary for our BMETs to be knowledgeable and up-to-date. RENOVO provides training to our staff in networking, HL7, DICOM, IT trouble shooting and the understanding that technology is interconnected.

Assistance with Equipment Disposal
: As clinical technology becomes more complex and stores protected health information, the need to properly dispose of aged equipment is becoming an increasingly important issue. RENOVO can assist with the disposal process, ensuring both regulatory and environmental standards are followed and documented.

Accountable Management

Our site manager provides active, direct management and accountability of all your service delivery needs. This, in conjunction with continuous monitoring of key performance indicators, ensures optimal program operation and staff performance.

Technical Coverage

RENOVO supports all medical equipment including, but not limited to:

  • MRI
  • CT
  • CR
  • DR
  • Cardiovascular labs
  • Radiation oncology
  • PACS
  • Digital Detectors
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Surgical systems
  • Lasers
  • Anesthesia/Ventilators
  • Sterilizers