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10 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency

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From temperature-controlled environments to high-performance instrumentation, labs are notorious energy consumers.

Renovo Solutions, in collaboration with My Green Lab, has outlined 10 ways to bolster energy efficiency within lab settings. By championing energy-saving practices, we not only advocate for a greener planet, but also contribute to the long-term success of the scientific industry.

Whitepaper Contents: What we will cover:

  1. Establish Collaborative Equipment-Sharing Practices
  2. Adopt Green Chemistry Principles
  3. Optimize Lighting with LED Task Lights
  4. Automate Equipment Power with Outlet Timers
  5. Enhance Safety & Efficiency by Closing Fume Hood Sashes
  6. Improve Cold Storage Efficiency
  7. Upgrade HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & AC Systems)
  8. Run Autoclaves Efficiently
  9. Implement Smart Sensors for Equipment Monitoring
  10. Choose ENERGY STAR Appliances

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You can also learn more here about My Green Lab and its suite of lab sustainability programs and certifications.

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