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Clinical Engineering Information Technology Live: CE-IT LIVE

CE-IT Live is the perfect tool set for organizations interested in implementing the Integrated Systems Management (ISM) process.

CE-IT Live is the first comprehensive networked medical device management software designed as both a configuration manager and an active service management tool. RENOVO SOLUTIONS was the first company to pioneer the development of a software tool to comply with IEC 80001 for the risk management of networked medical devices.

We are the only clinical engineering service provider that incorporates ITIL framework into the medical equipment support environment. RENOVO SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive support and training to help manage your networked medical devices. We can assist with HIPAA security standards compliance while ensuring your enterprise IT policies and procedures are followed.


  • Availability of system, administrative and vendor information
  • Complete and accurate inventory of system device configurations
  • Resolving the underlying root cause of incidents and consequently preventing them from occurring
  • Creating a knowledge base of known errors and solutions
  • Minimizing a disruption of services and improving success of projects implemented
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Proactive financial planning and analysis


Integrated Systems Management

RENOVO SOLUTIONS has redefined the traditional medical equipment management plan by incorporating the best practices from the manufacturing and IT industries within a new management framework. We refer to our approach as Integrated Systems Management. ISM is a new support model that incorporates processes that improve performance, lower lifecycle costs and reduce risks. These processes include best practices from Asset, Risk, Systems and Project Management.

Integrated Systems Management